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We are pleased to annouce that together with our Partner - Nobell Congressing - we prepared an offer for your accommodation during EASP2020 General Meeting in Krakow. You may check the offer and book your accommodation here:

For your convenience a number of rooms have been blocked by Nobell Congressing Ltd., EASP2020 official accommodation supplier, in hotels located close to or with a convinient connection to the conference venue. Hotel rooms are available in different standards and price categories.

Please note that summer is a high season in Krakow, therefore it is recommended to book your accommodation in advance. Especially taking Nobell's friendly cancellation policy (to be checked at with connection to the attractive pricing (all prices include breakfast).

Booking your room at your will take advantage of:

  • reduced hotel rates,
  • guaranteed availability
  • and a great opportunity to network with other conference attendees outside the conference venue with booking from official hotel block.

Conference starts in









About the conference

The General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology is one of the largest and most important meetings of social psychologists, which take place in Europe every 3 years. European and non European researches are invited to present their work about a wide range of topics in Social Psychology including: Attitudes, Emotion and Motivation, Group processes, Intergroup Relations, Interpersonal Processes, Social Cognition, and Self and Identity.

Scientific Committee

Karen Douglas
University of Kent
Mitch Callan
University of Bath
(Attitudes, emotions and motivation)
​Patrizia Catellani
Catholic University of Milan
(Applied social psychology)
Belle Derks
Utrecht University
(Group processes)
​Jochen Gebauer
Universität Mannheim
(Self and identity)
Sylvie Graf
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
(Intergroup relations)
​Tobias Greitemeyer
Universität Innsbruck
(Interpersonal processes)​​
Hans IJzerman
Université Grenoble Alpes
(Research methods and ethics)
Nira Liberman
Tel Aviv University
(Social cognition)​

Organizing committee

Katarzyna Jasko
Marcin Bukowski
Ewa Szumowska
Piotr Dragon
Małgorzata Kossowska
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